YPN The Future of Real Estate #Online

YPN The Future of Real Estate #Online


Why We Started YPN, 

Hi There and Thanks for Visiting YPN. I would like to tell you that you will get rich from following everything we tell you here on our website. But I won’t lie to you.

I also would like to tell our that this is the only way to financial independence is through YPN and our Tips. But that is not true either.

I’ll just tell you a little bit about me ok and then you can decide if you’d like to do business with our company or follow any of the other suggestions that we make here k.  Without Trying to bore you or sell you I’ll just simply put it out there (don’t judge me I’m not good at this stuff lol)

Throughout the years as a young professional myself, I kept buying stuff online over and over which never got me anywhere. I was always involved with sales in one way or another and so I kept looking for that One golden ticket to get rich. And not just get rich either, I wanted to get really rich the kind that you see on tv where everybody is happy because they have money.

Every single website that said they were going to help out if I bought there product or service and every single person that said they were going to improve my life did absolutely nothing but take money out of my pocket.

Now for people with money that would be okay. But I happen to be a single parent and have 4 kids that I support so needless to say that every single dollar out of my pocket was taking money out of my family’s mouth.

So after the last person that said they were going to “help” me or “help my business” did absolutely NOTHING for me but sell me something then I never heard from them again. I finally was fed up about people’s lies about how much their website or product or whatever it may be would “help my life” because NONE of them did that at all.

None of them did anything to better my life except put extra money into their own website or companies pocket. That is what they did for me, Nothing. I got so sick and tired of companies being all about themselves so bad that I made a HUGE decision. One that changed my life forever. One that I wouldn’t ever recommend to any single parent out there unless you have a partner who is making an income.  I up and quit my job to start a company that would actually help people out for a change.

I also vowed that I would never speak or do business with a company again unless I absolutely needed their services. You know like Utilities, Gas, Food, Etc. Stuff That you need to live and support a family with was all that I would buy once I was finally fed up. I was and still am sick of these companies who are just out to take from those who don’t have much, just to put it back into their own pockets and have absolutely no remorse for it. That makes me so angry today even still just thinking about it.

That’s why I started this company. Because I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world where they have to go through the same crap that I did my whole life. Like they are just a SALE or a number to any Dam company out there? NO WAY! I was and am still not going to let that happen to my kids or any of our members! Call me protective, or whatever but I don’t want anybody to fall prey to online companies that are nothing but scam artists hiding behind their websites. I am so done with that!!

I wanted my company to be a place where Young Professionals can Learn And Network with each other In a safe environment free from all the scammy ads or people that have no desire to keep this world safe or make it a better place. YPN now and is going to stay a company who will allow young professionals who are wanting to get involved with real estate or mortgage lending or even insurance to come and network with each other and not have to worry about scammy advertisements about getting rich quick or any other nonsense out there.

I want this company to be a place that you can turn to for HELP. The kind that actually will help you out, not the kind that will scam you into a sleazy sale of something.

So In Short, That’s why we are here. Young Professionals Network YPN Is a Social Networking Company For Young Professionals Who Can Learn Professional Development Skills In The Area of Real Estate, and Financial Services.

Since I’ve been Involved In Real Estate and Mortgage Lending For over 12 Years, I figured this would be a good place to start right? :)

We want to give back to help improve this world in whatever way we can and help improve the lives of other professionals by reaching out a hand of help and showing other members how to Improve their skills professionally With Online Short Video Courses and Networking Together. It’s About Professionals Helping Other Professionals For Free. That’s what this world should be about right?

Thank you For Checking out our website and we look forward to having you a part of our Network. Look Out To Our Upcoming YouTube Series On First Time Homebuyers path to Homeownership on YouTube in a few weeks.  Feel free to like us on facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter and pinterest as well. So Far we have over 100,000 followers between our 45 Social Media Websites So if we have a link or something that’s not working, I apologize because we are still getting off the ground as a company as well. :)

Thanks for stopping by. We love customer feedback and suggestions, so contact us at any time. If You have any Question Or Need Some Help To Show You How To Set Up Your Website, We Are Available 24 Hours A Day.

Thank you So Much For stopping by….It really means a lot to all of us here at YPN.


David J Moore M.B.A.
David J. Moore Is The CEO Of YPN Inc. He Has A Master’s Degree In Business Administration (M.B.A.) and holds a Dual Bachelor’s Degree FromCalifornia State University Fresno. He Has Been Involved In Real Estate For Over 12 Years and Has Worked For 2 Of The Largest Mortgage Lenders In the United States, Wells Fargoand JPMorgan Chase Bank.

David J. Moore M.B.A.
CEO Young Professional Network inc.
[email protected]

YPN-The Future of Your Career Starts Today.

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